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Any PEST... Any SEASON...
We're the SOLUTION!
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Moles do thousands of dollars in damages to commercial and residential lawns every year. Nothing is much worse than spending your valuable time and money to beautify your lawn only to have moles come along behind you and destroy it! That's why here at Four Seasons Pest Solutions, Inc, we take getting rid of your mole problem seriously. We offer multiple programs for mole control in Somerset, Ky and all surrounding counties extending down in to Tennessee, over to Virginia and up into the furthermost top of Kentucky.

Our programs range from simply controlling and eliminating the moles to eliminating their food sources which, in turn, causes the mole to move on to better feeding grounds. We can also implement BOTH programs; eliminate the current problem and then work on eliminating their food source. This achieves the maximum control and lasts the longest. Some of our programs can have lasting effects of up to 15 years! We know moles and we know how to get rid of them!

The wonderful thing about our mole service is two-fold: our treatments work and work well and they won't break the bank!  In fact, it could cost you hundreds and even thousands more in lawn damage if you allow the moles to go untreated. 

If you're looking for mole control in Kentucky, look no further! Our programs can be tailor fit to match your individual needs.

Mole Control Somerset, KY

After all your hard work and lawn maintenance, don't let moles get you down! We're here to help. Give us a call for all your mole control needs. 
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