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Any PEST... Any SEASON...
We're the SOLUTION!
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A.C.T. Bedbug Program
Offered in Kentucky and Tennessee.

Here at Four Seasons Pest Solutions, we take bedbugs SERIOUSLY! No one wants the intrusion on their most intimate moments interrupted by these little 'vampires'! We offer a new program, our famous A.C.T program, which we began in October 2013, that to date (February 2016) has had a 100% success rate in complete bedbug elimination. Other companies offer expensive heat treatments, dirt cheap chemical treatments or something else. What we offer is AFFORDABLE, 100% elimination! 

Our technicians know what's going on and we will be more informative than any other company around, that's the President's Promise! If you don't know a whole lot more about bedbugs and their control when you are done talking with one of our technicians, we will give you a $50.00 Gift Certificate to use on ANY pest service we offer. But don't get excited, you won't be getting that gift certificate... because we WILL have more knowledge than our competitors!

A Little Info on Bedbugs:
A common misconception is that bedbugs are only found in beds. That is not true. Bedbugs are found in all types of dwelling areas spread from the kitchen to the bedroom and from the floor to the ceiling and EVERYWHERE in between. They are also found in hotels, buses, planes, trucks, trains, cars, apartments, movie theaters, hospitals, homes and anywhere you can imagine. Each one of these settings has its own unique set of challenges.

Controlling bedbugs is a time consuming and difficult task. Bedbug education is key in any program. Our technicians are educated in the control of bedbugs and will work to eliminate your infestation. However, it is essential that we have full and complete customer cooperation in order to be effective. Preparation measures MUST be taken by the customer following our guidelines and we must make several visits to eliminate the infestation completely and know it won't come back.

Bedbugs can and will hide in cracks and crevices where normally one would not think to look. Many times disassembling furniture and bedding is necessary for proper treatment. Finding the harborage areas of bedbugs will allow us to make treatment directly to the insect, which is necessary in bedbug control.

Before we arrive to for treatment we will have given you specific instructions on how to prepare. If you do not follow these instructions not only will our price change but so will the service. Bedbug treatments are time consuming and coming in to a treatment, expecting it to be ready and finding it unprepared costs us valuable time and effort. Therefore, following these instructions will help us keep our cost low and your bugs gone!
Bedbugs and fecal deposits on boxspring
Al, treating an infested window seal.
Cast Skins from molting, hatched and unhatched eggs, and fecal deposits.
Adult, nymphs, eggs, cast skins and fecal deposits behind mattress tags.
Al, giving the 'thumbs up' on another successful bedbug treatment!

Bedbug Control Somerset, KY

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