Bee and Wasp Solutions
Many people are allergic to bee and/or wasp stings. At Four Seasons, we take that seriously!

Our multi-point treatment for bees and wasps takes into consideration, several factors:

1. Where they will 'scout'
2. Where they will nest
3. When they will begin
4. Why the are present
5. How they will get in
6. How we can stop and prevent all those things.

Once we have determined these, we utylize several techniques to aid in the program. Liquid insecticides, powder and dust insecticides, aerosal insecticides and exclusion measures. Recurring treatments also aid in preventing their infestation. 

​It doesn't matter which flying and stinging pest you have, Four Seasons has the Solution. Don't risk 'life and limb' trying to fix the problem yourself. Call the pro's at Four Seasons and let us take all the risks!