Rodent Solutions                                  
Bait Stations

One  effective  way  to  eliminate  and  further prevent rodent  infestations  is
the Bait Station Solution.  This solution may be used  for current  infestations
                                                                       or   to   prevent  infestations  in  commercial,
                                                                       industrial, residential and farm applications.
                                                                       Placed around the  outside of a  structure in
                                                                       a strategic  manner,  such stations,  properly
                                                                       and   regularly   monitored,   will   aid   in   the
                                                                       elimination and prevention of rodents  nest-
                                                                       ing adjacent to  and  entering  the  structure.

                                                                       Single feed-kill baits  are  highly  effective in  controlling  rodents.  However, some  people  opt  for  alternative
                                                                       control measures. While they may or may not be  the answer  for you,  we  do offer other  methods of  control.

​                                                                       Stations may also be placed inside some structures in inconspicuous places, out of reach of children  and pets.
Rodent Traps

Trapping is often necessary in extreme infestations to quickly reduce populations. However, in many applications, traps alone will not suffice. Rodents quickly become "trap shy" as populations are reduced. Having a back-up in place when utilyzing traps is a great idea. Our use of specialized rodent lures further aid in the trapping of rodents and lessen the chances of trap shyness. However, our trained staff will assure you that trapping alone is likely not the answer. 

A site evaluation and inspection will give us the info we need to determine if this program is right for you.
"Sticky Traps"

Glue Traps or "sticky traps" are a great tool for monitoring activity. Strategically placed, these can aid in any rodent control plan. Used in conjunction with "tin cats" or metal one-way traps, these can be imperative to a commercial program.


Exclusion is the act of sealing or repairing areas where rodents may enter a structure. Many times not all areas are able to be repaired or sealed. Despite this, exclusion still yields results which cannot be argued. Any time rodents and other pests can be excluded from entry it is the best method of prevention. 

Typically, exclusion will be used in conjunction with the above listed methods. However, sometimes it is crucial that exclusions be the ONLY method in certain situations. 
Whether you are dealing with rodents in your home, in your barn, in a food warehouse, restaraunt or any other situation, we have the perfect solution. We have one of the best rodent programs available in our area and a team of specialists who know just how to incorporate our program for your particular situation.  We stand behind our work and communicate with our clients on ways to improve overall sanitation and other site-based improvements which will aid in furthering the prevention of rodents.

As we all know, rodents can leave behind feces which may contain diseases. We offer Hepa Vacuum removal and decontamination services as well. Just ask!