Bed Bug ControlHelping You Sleep Pest Free
Bedbug ControlHelping You Sleep Pest Free

Bed bugs (cimex lectularius) cause significant stress to homeowners and business owners alike, and bedbug control is one of the top pest control programs of the modern day. Not only do they hide very well, which can make them difficult to detect, but they also feed on our blood, making them the enemy!

Bed bugs don’t move about much during the day. Instead, they focus on feeding at night when we are most vulnerable. If it wasn’t enough that their bites are quite itchy, they prefer to live in our most intimate room: the bedroom! This can affect not only our stress levels but our intimate moments as well.

Bed bugs don’t ask for your credit score or annual income before they infest. They’ll go wherever the food is. This includes businesses as well. Discovering bed bugs or their signs means you need to  Contact Us right away to avoid further spread. Otherwise, even a single bug can reproduce until a large infestation is present, usually within only a few months.


At about the size of an apple seed (3/16 – 1/4 inch), adult bed bugs are tiny insects that stay well hidden. Their young are even smaller and can hide in places the average person would never think to look, like inside the grooves of a 4-way screw head! This makes them a challenging pest for the average homeowner to detect. That’s why Four Seasons Pest Solutions has spent hours upon hours thoroughly training our staff to know what to look for, where to look, and how to eliminate bed bugs.

There are, however, a few places you can inspect to be sure you have an infestation. You can meticulously check beds, bedframes, box springs, headboards, nightstands, and other areas with a flashlight. If you find live bugs, dead bugs, cast skins, fecal deposits, blood spots, or tiny white eggs in any of those areas, you need a professional pest company immediately.

Bed bug adults are about the size of an apple seed, or 3/16 to 1/4 of an inch

Adult bedbugs are about the size of an apple seed.

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Bed Bug Lifecycle and Reproduction

Finding all stages of bed bugs is common, especially in heavier infestations that have been present for a few months or longer. The bed bug lifecycle begins with the adults. Once mating occurs and the female becomes fertilized, she can produce eggs viable for hatching as long as blood meals are available. She will produce about 1-7 eggs daily for roughly ten days after one blood meal. These eggs will hatch in approximately 6-9 days. A newly hatched bed bug can reach reproductive maturity within 40 days if adequate blood meals are available. This means within only a few months, a severe infestation can arise from merely one female bed bug.

Since the eggs are tiny and often laid in cracks, crevices, and other hard-to-see places, they can go undetected for a great deal of time. That’s why it is crucial to contact Four Seasons Pest Solutions immediately for an inspection if you suspect bed bugs are present.

Bedbugs can hide in even the tiniest crack or crevice, like the head of a screw. A proper and thorough inspection must be performed to be sure if bed bugs are present.

Inspecting for bed bugs is difficult but can be made easier with a few tips.

Bed Bug Control

The best way to control bed bugs is never to get them in the first place, but that’s easier said than done. A few essential tips might aid in prevention, although they aren’t full-proof:

  • Try to store luggage away from sleeping areas
  • Do not take items inside a room with a known or suspected infestation
  • Only borrow/buy/use items from a place you trust does not have an infestation
  • Consider purchasing new furniture instead of used
  • Check hotel reviews before booking

Since prevention methods are well less than full-proof, you may find yourself with an infestation. When that happens, Four Seasons Pest Solutions has got you covered!

A.C.T. Bedbug Control Program – 10 Years Running… 100% Results!

A.C.T. Bed Bug Program

At Four Seasons Pest Solutions, we offer the A.C.T. Bed Bug Program – a highly effective solution for bed bug elimination. Our program has maintained a 100% success rate since 2012, provided our criteria are met by customers. It’s designed to accommodate every home and budget, making it accessible to everyone. The A.C.T. Bed Bug Program is customizable to meet your specific needs and comes with a complete elimination guarantee, as well as a better warranty than what the leading national companies offer. This makes it the preferred option for individuals in Kentucky and Tennessee.

Don’t forget to ask about our extended 12-month, 18-month, 24-month, and lifetime bed bug warranties!

Our A.C.T. Bed Bug Programs are more than just a fancy acronym. They are designed with you, the customer, in mind. Our goal was to provide a bed bug treatment service that everyone could afford, could be tailored to every home, and could be guaranteed. We’re proud to say that we accomplished that goal.

That’s what our famous A.C.T. Bedbug Control Plan is all about!

A.   Affordable Pricing

C.   Customizable Plans

T.   Total Elimination

As a  result, our plan will:
  • Fit Anyone’s budget
  • Work on any structure in any setting
  • Eliminate the pest EVERY TIME
We’re so confident in our A.C.T. Bedbug Exterminating results that we give you one of the industry’s most extended and strongest warranties! (Call for details)
Our A.C.T. Bedbug Control Plan makes getting rid of bedbugs easier on you and your family, allowing for the following:
  • Reduced preparation time before treatment
  • Fewer dollars invested in one lump sum Less worry of re-infestation
  • Extended time available to spend doing what you want
  • Money left in your wallet
  • More results than any other competitor
  • Better warranty than you’ll ever need!
​Why trust your home and your happiness to any other plan? Give us a call to schedule your A.C.T. Bed Bug Treatment!

Heat Treatments

Though much misinformation revolves around heat treatments, they are pretty successful in conjunction with other methods. Heat treatments allow us the ability to eliminate bed bugs right away. The drawback is that no residual killing effects remain once treatment is complete. That’s why we offer residual follow-ups for added protection. Heat treatments are costly but in many cases, are the perfect option for bed bug control.

We can also provide heat treatment to furniture, books, small items like stuffed animals, and certain toys and collections with our Bed Bug Heat Chambers.

Bed bug heat treatment chambers can allow the treatment of smaller items like books, toys and even furniture which can't be treated with liquid or dust insecticides

Bed bug heat treatment chambers can allow the treatment of smaller items like books, toys, pillows, collectibles, and other items which cannot be treated with liquid or dust insecticides.

Dressers, night stands, mattresses, boxsprings and more can be treated with bed bug control heat treatment chambers

Our bed bug control heat treatment chambers can also treat more oversized items like delicate wood furniture, beds, and even living room furniture.

Getting Prepared For a Bed Bug Treatment

Our highly knowledgeable and skilled staff will walk you through the preparation process for your specific treatment program. We will advise you on what needs to be prepared for your situation based on the structure, contents, infestation level, and treatment plan.

Most often, tidying up and removing items in, on, or under the beds and furniture will go a long way. Vacuuming floors and clearing out closets may also be necessary. For property managers, click here for a preparation list. We can also modify a list specifically for your needs.

Here at Four Seasons Pest Solutions, we have developed our plan so that you, the customer, can prep for treatment quickly. Don’t worry; we are proficient in even the most challenging situations!

How Our Bed Bug Treatment Programs Work

Our president, Matthew S. Hess, has over 23 years logged in the pest control industry. With the help of staff, he developed the A.C.T. Bed Bug Program over ten years ago. Since then, Four Seasons Pest Solutions has been able to fully perfect the treatment and offer the best warranties in the entire country!

Watch this video explaining the development process of our A.C.T. Bed Bug Program through the years.

DIY Bed Bug Control. Does it Work?

There is an endless supply of DIY products advertised for bed bug control. It’s no secret that manufacturers are willing to stretch the truth about their products. Although all the DIY products will kill bed bugs, so will smashing them with a flyswatter! Don’t let an advertising gimmick fool you; hiring a professional is your best option if you want long and lasting results.

Self-treatment may seem like the most affordable option to many. However, that’s usually not the case. Besides the fact that most consumers know little to nothing about how to use insecticides inside a home safely, most end up spending $1-5 thousand on unsuccessful attempts at controlling their bed bug infestation. Additionally, some DIY products can be lethal in the wrong hands!

DIY Bed bug treatment methods usually wind up costing homeowners more than professional treatments and leave them with failed bed bug control attempts. Hiring a professional exterminator is your best bet when dealing with bed bugs

DIY bed bug control products are marketed to homeowners without experience in control measures. When the product fails, and it likely will, it is easily blamed on misuse, failure to follow label instructions, or incorrect application methods.

Choosing the Right Treatment

We understand the expense of hiring a pro, but we also know the countless reports of failed DIY attempts by customers. More than half of our bed bug clients have reported previously using DIY products and replacing furniture, only to find out there were still bed bugs present only a few months later. We can save you the hassle, the failure, and the money!

We designed our A.C.T. Bed Bug Program to offer unprecedented warranties! That means it HAS TO WORK! If it doesn’t, we have to stand behind that warranty. What does this mean? It means we make sure our treatments work!

You can DIY your bed bug control, cross your fingers, and hope it works. That’s an option some are willing to go for. Or, you could be frugal with your happiness and wallet and call Four Seasons Pest Solutions. Then, you’ll know exactly what your treatment will cost, have a great guarantee and an extendable warranty of up to 24 months!

If you decide to DIY, please read the entire product label before treatment. Keeping you and your family safe is our number one priority. Don’t risk your health to potentially save a few dollars.

Need more information on our A.C.T Bed Bug Control Plans?

Need more information on our A.C.T Bed Bug Control Plans?

Remember, it’s okay to live among pests… but you don’t have to live with them!