Four Seasons Pest Solutions offers a full line of pest control services for any setting

Cookie and Privacy Policy

Four Seasons Pest Solutions offers a full line of pest control services for any setting

Cookie & Privacy Policy

Four Seasons Pest Solutions adheres to a cookie and privacy policy and is committed to respecting and protecting user privacy. Users are encouraged to read our complete policy before using this site. Use of this site signifies agreement with all the terms of this policy.

This policy applies strictly to any personal information we may hold about individuals,  partnerships and sole traders. It does not apply to any information we might hold about companies or other organizations.

Providing Information

Users are not required to provide any personal information to browse or use our website. However, freely providing information via one of our contact forms signifies the user’s consent to allowing us the right to collection and use of that information in accordance with our privacy policy. We will only collect personal data when users fill out one of our forms. In turn, that information will only be used to contact users based on the contact info that user has provided. We do not sell, trade or give away any data.

Non-personal data, such as the type of internet browser used or what website is used to link to our website, may be automatically collected. However,  users cannot be identified by that information. Additionally, it is only useful in providing our web developers assistance on providing effective services to our website.

Email Address

Users may be asked to share their email address, phone number, name and other personal data, when filling out a contact form on our website. The purpose of gathering this information is to provide a requested call back, email or appointment schedule. Additionally, we may provide promotional offers, surveys and other information, should a user choose to be added to our email mailing list.

These emails are designed to improve our quality of service and the experience our customers have with our company and our website. We are strong supporters of Anti Spam and Anti Telemarketer policies and will never share any user information with any other party not directly affiliated with our company and acting to directly supply the needs requested.

Promotional and Educational Material

Four Seasons Pest Solutions, may on occasion, send out email promotions, educational info, news and other material that may improve our service and customer experience with our company. Users have both the right and the ability to use our “unsubscribe” option to be removed from our email mailing list at any time. In choosing to be removed from our email mailing list, all email communications will be stopped until which time a user should choose to opt back in.

Cookie and Privacy Policy Legally Required Sharing

Where required by law, we will supply user information to third parties. Apart from this, there shall be no distribution of any kind, of the information a user may provide to us. All users have the right to complete privacy and we respect and support that right in every way. At any time users choose, a request can be made to be removed from our email database.

We are Regional

Since Four Seasons Pest Solutions operates across the region, any information users provide may be distributed within our company as is necessary to fulfill the the purposes herein stated. Reasonable and effective precautions are made on our part, to keep this information transmission under our express care and control. By providing information to our company through our website or any other way, users consent to the parameters herein described.

Cookie and Privacy Policy

As with most websites, ours uses a feature called “cookies”. These are files placed on a users computer hard drive by their internet browser. These are recognized as a way of identifying each visitor when they return to a website. This way, personal details do not have to be re-entered each time a user visits. For more information on cookies, please perform a search and read all about them.

Many internet browsers allow cookies to be manually turned off. This may be accessed through your browser’s settings and is not controlled by Four Seasons Pest Solutions, our company, any employees or our website.


Links contained within our website may lead to other websites which are not a part of the Four Seasons Pest Solutions family of companies, and thus uncontrolled by our company. Therefore, Four Seasons Pest Solutions cannot be responsible for the content or privacy policies and practices of other websites. Following links which lead outside our website are assumed safe. However, users have both the right and responsibility to read the privacy policies of any website they visit.

If there are additional questions or concerns regarding our cookie and privacy policy, feel free to contact us.