College, Daycare, and School

We Provide Public Health and Safety for Your Students

College, Daycare, and School

We Provide Public Health and Safety for Your Students

To ensure the well-being of students and staff, a college, daycare, and school will require an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program. This program helps to minimize pest populations, reduce pesticide exposure, and maintain public health and safety. A pest infestation can pose serious health risks if not dealt with promptly and effectively. Four Seasons can provide assistance with developing and implementing an IPM program tailored to your facility’s needs. With over 50 years of experience in handling sensitive accounts, you can trust us to provide expert pest control services.

At Four Seasons Pest Solutions, we understand the paramount importance of public health and safety, particularly in educational institutions such as colleges, daycares, and schools. Our team comprises individuals who have children attending these very same institutions, which is why we are wholly committed to delivering only the best services possible.

To ensure optimal control measures, we abide by state IPM requirements and adapt our program to suit your specific needs. It is essential to keep records, including invoicing, labels, and SDS sheets, on-site for regular audits. Notably, our website is user-friendly and provides easy access to labels and SDS sheets.

When it comes to IPM in sensitive accounts, it’s good to have Four Seasons on your side. Let us handle all your pests so you can continue educating our future leaders!

College, daycare, and school facilities need IPM services to meet government standards and to provide a healthy education

What Our School, College, and Daycare Pest Control Plans Can Offer:

Rodent Control

It’s important to be aware of the risks posed by rodents in educational facilities. These creatures can carry diseases and parasites that can harm staff and students. To keep everyone safe, it’s essential to implement proper rodent Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices to prevent exposure to rodents and the diseases they carry.

Here at Four Seasons, we have thousands of rodent control accounts and know how to implement the perfect rodent control plan for you. For instance, our “ZE-RO Program” (Zero Rodents Program), which conforms to state-mandated IPM protocols. With this program implemented at your facility, rodents won’t stand a chance! Together, we can take action to protect our school communities.

Bed Bug Control

Schools, colleges, and daycares may face a significant challenge with bed bugs due to their tendency to hitchhike. Our A.C.T. Bed Bug Programs are helping to change that by offering guarantees and warranties beyond industry standards. Depending on your specific needs, we can provide various services and guarantees tailored just for you. Don’t trust your bedbug control to anyone else!

Our A.C.T. Bed Bug Programs have provided a decade of 100% results and are commonly asked for by name. We’ve fine-tuned our treatments, warranties,s and logging and tracking forms to meet the needs of facilities like yours. When we say we’re a full-line pest control company, we mean it!

General Pest Control

A variety of pests can penetrate buildings. Any time a door is open, pests can enter. Additionally, students and staff can introduce pests into the facility. Wherever they come from, good IPM practices must be in place to intercept them. Four Seasons can implement and maintain such a plan, ensuring your facility is free from pests.

Pest Exclusion

We want your facility buttoned up so that no pests can enter. Besides this, if pests can’t get in, they can’t cause trouble. No trouble for you means success for us! That’s why you should consider an inspection for one of our pest exclusions.

Fly Control

Several organisms and bacteria can be easily transmitted to food items by flies. This means your lunchroom could be at risk. That’s why our Six-step Fly Control Program may be right for you. Our IISSMR (ice-mer) Fly Control Program includes Inspection, Identification, Sanitation, Structural Modification, Mechanical Control, and Residual Control. Flies can be wiped from any facility with our IISSMR Fly Control Program.

Bird Control

When birds enter your facility, disease, property damage, and economic losses follow. A bird control program may be necessary to maintain a safe and clean environment. Four Seasons Pest Solutions has you covered, even when it comes to birds. We can add bird control to your pest program at any time. Whether it’s netting or bird spikes, electric shock tracks, or simple bird repellants, we have a solution to all your bird control needs.

It’s good to have Four Seasons on your side!