Colleges, daycares and schools require pest control for student and public health and safety.

College, Daycare and School

We Provide Public Health and Safety for Your Students

Colleges, daycares and schools require pest control for student and public health and safety.

College, Daycare and School

We Provide Public Health and Safety for Your Students

College, daycare and school pest control requires an IPM program to help reduce pest populations, pesticide exposure, and maintain public health and safety for students and staff. A pest infestation can lead to serious health concerns if not handled quickly and properly. That’s why it’s good to have Four Seasons on your side! Our team can develop and implement the perfect IPM program for your facilities. Plus, we have more than 40 years of experience with IPM and sensitive accounts.

Four Seasons Pest Solutions knows how important public health and safety are in our college, daycare and school pest control programs. In fact, our staff have children who attend these very institutions! That’s one reason it’s so important to us that we offer only the best services.

In order to provide the best control measures, we will conform to state IPM requirements and modify our program to fit your specific needs. Records keeping requirements including invoicing, and labels and SDS sheets must remain on site for regular audits. Our user-friendly website includes access to Labels and SDS sheets as well.

When it comes to IPM in sensitive accounts like colleges, daycares and schools, it’s good to have Four Seasons on your side. Let us handle all your pests so you can continue educating our future leaders!

Colleges, daycares and schools need IPM services to meet government standards and to provide a healthy education

What Our College, Daycare and School Pest Control Plans Can Offer

We offer a variety of college, daycare and school pest control services. Developing a program to fit your needs is our expertise. Among those plans are:

Rodent Control

Rodents in educational facilities can pose serious risks. Rodents carry a variety of diseases and parasites, and pose dangers both to you, your staff and especially the student body. We MUST protect our students from exposure to rodents and the many diseases they can carry by implementing proper rodent IPM practices.

Here at Four Seasons, we have thousands of rodent control accounts and we know how to implement the perfect rodent control plan, like our “ZERO Program” (Zero Rodents Program). Our “ZERO Program” conforms to state mandated IPM practices as well.

General Pest Control

Buildings can be penetrated by a variety of pests. Any time a door is open, pests can enter. Additionally, students and staff can introduce pests into the facility as well. But, wherever they come from, they cannot be allowed to infest. Good IPM practices need to be in place to intercept incoming pest populations.

Pest Exclusion

Our programs each offer optional exclusion methods to prevent pest entry. We want your facility buttoned-up where no pests can enter. Besides this, if pests can’t get in, they can’t cause trouble and no trouble for you means success for us!

Fly Control

Several organisms and bacteria can be easily transmitted to food items by flies. Whether you manufacture, distribute or warehouse food or any other product, your facility has no room for flies. That’s why our Six-step Fly Control Program is right for you. Our IISSMR (ice-mer) Fly Control Program includes: Inspection, Identification, Sanitation, Structural Modification, Mechanical Control, and Residual Control. When our IISMER Fly Control Program is followed, flies can be wiped from any facility.

Bird Control

When birds are allowed to enter your facility, disease, property damage and economic losses follow. For your facility to maintain a safe and clean environment, a bird control program may be necessary . Four Seasons Pest Solutions has you covered, even when it comes to birds. We can add bird control to your pest program any time. Whether it’s netting or bird spikes, electric shock-tracks or simple bird repellants, we have a solution to all your bird control needs.

Remember, it’s okay to live among pests… but you don’t have to live with them!