Office pest control helps keep morale high and employees happy.


You Mangage the Office, We Manage the Pests!

Office pest control helps keep morale high and employees happy.


You Manage the Office, We Manage the Pests

What does the perfect office pest control company look like? What should you be able to find in a pest control company? We think we have the best answers to these questions an more:

You will want a company

  • That has serviced office complexes since 1978. We have.
  • Which also services government offices. We do.
  • Who will be there when you need them. We will.
  • Dedicated to your needs. We are.
  • Able to service all your properties. We can.

It seems you may have found the perfect pest company for your facility! Here at Four Seasons Pest Solutions, our ever-expanding borders, attention to detail, quick response time, close relationship with government office complexes and long track record of office related pest control, qualifies us to tackle any office for any pest at any time.

Currently, we stretch form Bowling Green, KY to Virginia and from Louisville, KY to Knoxville, TN. That means we can offer service to regional properties.

Many offices have special regulations like FERPA and HIPAA which must also be followed by your pest company. Four Seasons Pest Solutions is familiar with the requirements and have been accustomed to meeting them in medical and government facilities for decades . Additionally, We’re dedicated to the privacy of our clients as well.Bed bug control is an integral part of modern office pest control. One bug can send an entire into a scare and sometimes even send them home. That's unacceptable. Four Seasons can help!

Let Our Office Pest Control Plans Go To Work For You!

Our programs are not cookie-cutter plans. Every office is different and every office will have varying concerns and pest issues. Here are a few of our programs. Each one can be tailored to the specific needs of your facility:

Bedbug Control

Bed bug control problems can be complex,  especially when dealing with a pest like bed bugs. When numerous staff work in the same area, a single bug can create quite a scare.

Our A.C.T. Bed Bug Programs have provided a decade of 100% results and are commonly asked for by name. We’ve fine-tuned our treatments, warranties and logging and tracking forms so we can meet the needs of facilities just like yours. When we say we’re a full-line pest control company, we mean it!

General Pest Control

Buildings can be penetrated by a variety of pests and they can also come in on employees. Fleas, bed bugs, roaches and other pests can be transported by staff and introduced to the office. Having an existing plan in place for such an event is just what we do here at Four Seasons.

To develop a plan, our team will assess the surrounding environment and hone in on the pests native to the area and the pests which could likely be accidentally introduced. We will also assess the building for entry ways and structural deficiencies which may need modification. Once our initial assessments are complete, we will propose the best tailored program for your facility. Once that plan is accepted, implementation will begin at a convenient time for your business.

Roach Control

Roaches can be an issue in any setting, especially where there are lots of people. You never know when an employee may bring along a few accidentally, when food delivery might introduce them or a package might come in with a roach or two. Either way, you’ll want to be covered. Although there is no effective way to prevent roaches from making it into the facility, we can make sure they are quickly eliminated and do not spread.

Rodent Control

With our comprehensive rodent control program, rats and mice won’t be any worry for you or your staff. Modern health concerns of rodents like structure fires, contents damage and economic loss are often overlooked. In office settings, rodents pose a unique problem since they love to chew. Offices are full of wires and electronics which depend on those wires. One rodent can cause a massive problem if it begins chewing on wiring within your facility.  This is the reason our team has developed proficient control methods which work every time, all the time!

A comprehensive rodent control plan needs to be in place and working around the clock to stop rodents before they enter and intercept them quickly if they do make it in. A good rodent control program, like Four Seasons Pest Solutions’ “ZERO Program” (Zero Rodents Program) must be implemented to ensure your office is protected.

Exclusion Service

Here at Four Seasons Pest Solutions, we believe an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Mother always said it and she was always right! If we can stop outdoor pests from infiltrating the building, they won’t have the opportunity to infest and spread. If they can’t infest and spread, there’s less chance they will be able to cause damage in your office building. This especially includes rodents but additional pests like some ant species are known to strip the coating from wires, causing short-outs.

Termite Control

Many office spaces are rented or leased from a property owner. That means you may not be too worried about the building’s structural integrity, except that you and your business are in it! This means you need to know if the structure is protected.

Firstly, a termite swarm can be small or it can contain thousands of winged termites (alates) which swarm from their colony and right into a structure. Secondly, if this happens in an office, it could potentially shut you down for the day or maybe even a few days. Thirdly, having a termite protection plan in place can prevent that from happening.

Hopefully you have a landlord who knows the value of protecting their property and providing their tenants with a quality site. Four Seasons works closely with many landlords to provide termite control services on their properties. If you aren’t sure about the site you rent or lease, talk to your landlord. If they don’t have a plan in place, put them in contact with us!

Bird Control

When birds are allowed to enter your facility, disease, property damage and economic losses follow. For your facility to maintain a safe and clean environment, a bird control program may be necessary . Four Seasons Pest Solutions has you covered, even when it comes to birds. Furthermore, we can add bird control to your pest program any time. Whether it’s netting or bird spikes, electric shock-tracks or simple bird repellants, we have a solution to all your bird control needs.

All of our office pest control plans are customizable and ready to go to work for you. Give our offices a call and schedule your facility assessment. We will put a program together just for you!

It’s good to have Four Seasons on your side!