Rodent ControlKeeping Your Home Rodent-Free
Rodent ControlKeeping Your Home Rodent-Free

Rodents are opportunistic creatures that typically live outdoors but will take advantage of any chance to move indoors. They can also multiply quickly and overtake a home if not kept in check. In most cases, it’s true that there’s never just one, and that can spell disaster inside a structure. Your home can provide rodents with the three things they require for survival: food, shelter, and water. Therefore, it is crucial to implement effective prevention and control measures to keep these pests at bay.

To prevent rodents from entering a structure, it’s essential to implement good control measures and eliminate any current population. Success requires the expertise of a professional pest control company with extensive experience. Four Seasons Pest Solutions’ “ZeRo Program” provides everything necessary to eradicate an infestation.

The Necessity of Rodent Control

A rodent infestation is a risk to your health and your wallet. Diseases carried by rodents can be severe and even deadly. Furthermore, the possibility of food contamination, severe structural damage, and even structural fires are all possibilities of rodent infestations. There is no good side to having a rodent problem.

Along with rodents also come critters that prey upon rodents. The most common and most hated are snakes. In most cases where snake populations exist naturally, rodent infestations will be accompanied by snakes. This can be dangerous, especially where venomous snakes may be present. Eliminating rodents will also eliminate snake populations as they move on in search of better feeding grounds.

Since rodents pose financial risks and a variety of health risks, letting them hang around is not only unacceptable but downright dangerous and potentially deadly. Though the serious implications of a rodent infestation may be less likely, the odds are not nearly low enough to take the chance. At the first signs of a rodent infestation, rodent control measures need to be implemented in order to salvage both your health and your finances.

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What We Can Do

Four Seasons Pest Solutions has provided successful rodent control in residential and commercial facilities for decades. Our techniques are full-proof and ready for the most challenging infestations. We not only have a great plan and a working program, but our follow-through service will impact the rodent population outside the structure and the environment around you.


We begin by inspecting what kind of rodents are present, where they are coming from, and how they are getting into the structure. By examining the surrounding environment, we can pinpoint key areas where rodents might come from. This can allow us to focus on specific areas of the structure which might be at higher risk for rodents.

Once the rodent species is determined, the entry points have been found, and we have discovered where the rodents may be coming from, we can begin to develop a program.


As with all pests, practicing prevention rather than cure is better. Although you may already have an infestation, the steps to prevent rodents will help stop the current infestation from expanding. This is achieved by sealing cracks, crevices, and gaps along the outside perimeter of the home. Additionally, where accessible, entries from the crawlspace may be located and sealed. Exclusions create a no-go zone, sort of like a do-not-enter sign.

Once all exclusion measures have been taken to stop rodent entry, we can implement the trapping portion of the program.

Exclusions create a sort of "do not enter" sign so rodents can't access structures.
Trapping rodents in heavy infestations is best left to the professionals. Trap shyness is real and once shy, rodents can be extremely difficult to eliminate.

When working a rodent control program, trapping can provide quick relief in severe infestations. There is a drawback to trapping, however. Rodents can become trap-shy after trapping measures have been implemented and a few trapping sessions have been successfully completed. If this occurs, traps will no longer be effective. It is crucial that this step is properly handled, otherwise rodents will become shy to any new thing placed in or around the structure. This can cause them to avoid all measures of control. A professional pest control company should be consulted before trapping in a heavy infestation.


Along with interior trapping, back-up tamper-resistant bait stations can be placed along high-traffic areas to intercept any rodents which avoid traps. This is a very effective way to both eliminate current infestations and prevent future ones. During this step, exterior tamper-resistant bait stations will also be placed along the outside perimeter of the home in a strategic manner. These will intercept rodents before they can make it inside. This step is effective in the residential, commercial, industrial and farm settings.

These stations provide two key elements to attract rodents which are nearby; food and shelter. By mimicking their naturally preferred tunnels, the bait stations entice rodents to enter. Once inside, the bait within the station quickly entices the rodents to eat. In most cases, we use single-feed-kill baits. In this way, we reduce the risk of bait0shy rodents.

Sanitation can include post-infestation cleanup but is primarily concentrated on eliminating conducive conditions.
Sanitation can include post-infestation cleanup but is primarily concentrated on eliminating conducive conditions.

Sanitizing key areas of entry and areas where fecal and urine deposits have been left helps reduce the possibility of disease and illnesses being spread. Also, these measures can ensure that pheromones which attract other rodents are eliminated. Four Seasons Pest Solutions’ technicians will be able to asses the property and determine if sanitation is necessary and can recommend and implement the necessary steps to retake control of your homes sanitation.


Once we have successfully eliminated the interior and exterior infestation, our programs will continue to work to reduce the populations within the neighboring environment, as previously explained. Our technicians will regularly monitor and replace bait within the stations to keep it fresh, active and enticing for rodents. In this way, our plans continue to work for you, month after month, guaranteeing prevention from future infestations. That’s the Four Seasons Pest Solutions guarantee with our exclusive ‘ZERO Program’.

Monitoring can include checking bait stations and traps in current infestations or simply placing sticky boards to locate infestations.

The Rodent Control “Big Picture”

Our programs not only eliminate rodents inside and around the structure, but they also target those further away. By decreasing the population density inside and around the structure, rodents from further away begin to fill the void. This chain reaction causes population densities to plummet, ultimately affecting the population for a great distance from the structure. When left in place for extended periods, fewer and fewer rodents will be available to infest your home. Our program actively works to reduce the rodent population in a safe and effective manner, providing you with a rodent-free home.

Wherever Rodents Infest, Four Seasons Pest Solutions Can Have Success

We offer the perfect solution for dealing with rodents, whether they are in your home, barn, food warehouse, or restaurant. Our team of specialists knows exactly how to incorporate our top-notch rodent program to fit your specific situation. We stand behind our work and actively communicate with our clients on ways to improve overall sanitation and other site-based improvements to further prevent rodent infestations. By implementing these improvements, we actively work towards keeping your space rodent-free.

Sanitation Efforts

Rodents can leave behind feces and urine which may contribute to the spread of illnesses and disease . We offer Hepa vacuum and sanitation services as well. Just ask!

We offer the perfect solution for dealing with the aftermath of rodent infestations. Our sanitation services will get your home or office back to safe and livable standards in no time!

Sanitation after a rodent infestation can help eliminate potential for illness and disease.

Rodent Control

The best way to control rodents is to prevent them. Having the right pest control company on your side will make it easy.   A few essential tips might aid in prevention, although they aren’t full-proof:

  • Keep grass mowed and trimmed
  • Trim trees and shrubs away from the house
  • Maintain cleanliness around the perimeter of the home
  • Eliminate free-choice pet and animal foods (remove all food sources)
  • Do not store items against or around the structure
  • Check crawlspace vents for damage
  • Remove pet feces from the lawn (like you would at a park or in public)

Since prevention methods are often overlooked and ignored, you may find yourself with an infestation. If that happens, Four Seasons Pest Solutions has got you covered!

Our ZeRo (Zero Rodents) Program yields 100% results every time!

ZeRo Program

One of the most effective rodent programs is our very ZeRo Program. Since 2000, Four Seasons Pest Solutions has had a 100% success rate with this plan (when customers meet our criteria). Designed with every home and every budget in mind, our ZeRo Program is suitable for everyone. Fully customizable, complete elimination guarantee, and a warranty better than the most prominent national companies offer to make the ZeRo Program the people’s choice for Kentucky and Tennessee.

Our ZeRo Program is more than just a catchy name. This program is designed with the customer in mind. Our original plan included providing a rodent service everyone could afford. That service also had to be flexible so it could be tailored to every home. Furthermore, it had to carry the industry’s best guarantee. We’re proud to say that we accomplished that we nailed that plan! That’s why our ZeRo Program for rodent control is the most popular rodent control program in Kentucky and Tennessee!

What Does This Mean for the Customer?
We’re so confident in our ZeRo Program and the results you will have that we even use this program to control snakes! That’s right. If you have a snake problem, we will use our ZeRo Program to eliminate the mice so the snakes will have no food source. Our program is that good!
​Why trust your home and your happiness to any other plan? Give us a call to schedule your ZeRo Program and take your home and property back from those pesky mice…. or slithering snakes!

Get your plan started today!

Getting Prepared For a Rodent Treatment

There is no mandatory prep work for our ZeRo Program. However, it is in your best interests to begin taking measures to reduce the possibility of rodents on your property. This can include sanitation and exclusion measures. We offer both of these services as well. There’s really no need for you to do anything you don’t have time to do. Let the pros at Four Seasons do it for you!

How Our Rodent Treatment Programs Work

Our president, Matthew S. Hess, has over 23 years logged in the pest control industry. With the help of staff, he developed the ZeRo Program decades ago. Since then, Four Seasons Pest Solutions has been able to fully perfect the program and implement it on thousands of homes and businesses across Kentucky, Tennessee, and Virginia.

Watch this video explaining the development process of our ZeRo Program through the years.

DIY Rodent Control. Does it Work?

There are several rodent control options over the counter. Among them are the famous snap trap, the glue trap or sticky trap, multi-catch traps, bait blocks, bait pellets, and other options as well.

There is an endless supply of DIY products advertised for rodent control. It’s no secret that manufacturers are willing to stretch the truth about their products. Although all the DIY products will trap or kill rodents, that doesn’t mean they are suitable for infestation control. Trap shyness and bait resistance can all lead to significant problems. Manufacturers don’t warn the consumer of these possibilities. Additionally, the potential of injuring or killing non-target species also exists. Untrained persons may inadvertently create a scenario where certain species may be affected by improper baiting and trapping techniques.

While self-treatment may seem like the most affordable option to many, that’s usually not the case. Besides the fact that most consumers know little to nothing about how to use rodenticides safely, most end up spending hundreds of dollars on unsuccessful attempts at controlling their rodent infestation. Furthermore, rodent bait is lethal to humans and pets in the wrong hands!

DIY Rodent control may have short-term results but can cause major resistance and trap shyness in the long run.

DIY rodent control products are marketed to homeowners without experience in control measures. When the product fails, and it likely will, it is easily blamed on misuse, failure to follow label instructions, or incorrect application methods.

Choosing the Right Treatment

We understand the expense of hiring a pro, but we also know the countless reports of failed DIY attempts by customers. Many of our clients report having previously used DIY products and yet have a rodent infestation. Some even end up with serious damage from chewed wires, water pipes, and other structural damages.  Additionally, the misuse of rodent baits can lead to poisoned pets and wildlife. We can save you the hassle, the heartache, the failure, and the money!

We designed our ZeRo Program to offer unprecedented rodent control! That means it WORKS! You can DIY your rodent control, cross your fingers, and hope it works, or let the pros do it right. In the long run, we’ll save you money you didn’t know you were going to spend. Plus, we’ll ensure you have no chance of health problems from future rodent infestations as long as our program is in place.

If you decide to DIY, please read the entire product label before treatment. Keeping you and your family safe is our number one priority. Don’t risk your health to potentially save a few dollars.

Need more information on our ZeRo Program?

Need more information on our ZeRo Program?

Remember, it’s okay to live among pests… but you don’t have to live with them!

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