Driver Safety in the Pest Control Industry

with pest expert, Matthew Hess

Four Seasons Pest Solutions aims to provide great service as well as excellent driver safety in the pest control industry. Our staff is required to read, agree to, and sign our Driver Safety Policy form VEH POL DS 5.1,  our Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Policy form VEH POL 1.1, and our Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy form DAT POL 4.1. These forms provide our staff with our mandatory safe driving policies so they know exactly what we require on the roads when in our fleet vehicles. Furthermore, we provide annual driver safety training updates along with our required CEUs.

Vehicle Tracking

Our vehicles are also equipped with location and safety trackers which alert us of any unsafe driving and tell us where our vehicles are at all times. This not only ensures our staff arrive at each account to perform their work, but helps ensure they do it safely.

At the end of the day, we want all our employees to return to the office safe and sound so they can live another day and provide for their families. That means safe driving, no matter what the schedule looks like! Keep calm and carry on!

Driver safety is priority number one when our vehicles are on the roads.