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10 Interesting Facts About Rodents

There are many interesting and unique facts about rodents. One in particular, has equally as much to do with humans as with rodents. Did you know that some people see rodents, like rats and mice, as cute and cuddly? Well, I guess that comes as no shock. We all probably know that one weird person who has one as a pet, right? I’m kidding! But seriously, in a cage… maybe their cute. In a kid’s movie? I’ll give you that one. But running wild in your home and putting your health and the health of your loved ones at risk is a definite and resounding NOPE!

There are many interesting and even weird facts about rodents which many people may not know. Check out some of our favorites below!

Several rodents perched atop a wall

Rodents have many unique characteristics with make them very versatile. From being a major pest to a friendly pet, rodents can cover about any base!

  1. The teeth and jaws of a rat are so strong that they can chew into cinder blocks, soft concrete, soft metals and hard woods. That’s tough!!
  2. Their teeth are always growing! Rodents grind their teeth to keep them the perfect length and sharpness. Their teeth are very important.
  3. Peer pressure not only affects humans but rats as well. Science has discovered that rats will force themselves to eat foods they do not like simply because other rats are eating it.
  4. Rats need plenty of water but don’t have to have a readily available source. They can get most of the water they need from food. As a result, they can survive long periods without drinking.
  5. Rats can squeeze through openings as small as ½ inch in diameter (13mm). This is why exclusion methods on structures infested with rats is so important.
  6. “Musophobia” comes from the Latin word “mus” which means “mouse”. What’s it mean?? You guessed it… MOUSE PHOBIA or the fear of mice. “Mur” stems from “Muridae” which is the scientific name for the family of animals which includes mice and rats. Add “phobia” to “Mur” and you get “Murophobia”, the fear of… well… rodents, you could say.
  7. Rats can hold their breath for quite a long time. They can also tread water for as long as 3 to 4 days. Don’t try to kill a rat by flushing it down the toilet, especially if you’re on city sewers!
  8. Rats are quite smart, ranking on the intelligence list under chimpanzees and dolphins. Memorizing routes, puzzle solving and learning safe zones and dangerous zones are a few of their abilities. Because of this, blocking off an entrance to a structure just won’t do. They’ll likely find their way back in, unless of course you block them all! Yes, we do that too, here at Four Seasons Pest Solutions!
  9. 15 litters of pups… IN ONE YEAR! That’s how many a female rat can produce! Want to know something else? She can get pregnant in as little as 24 hours after giving birth!! With an average litter of 11, the ability to begin reproducing at 6 weeks old and the ability to breed nearly nonstop, you can see how quickly your home or business can be overrun by rodents!
  10. Last but certainly not least, there are 35 diseases which rats and mice might spread to humans through droppings, bites, saliva, fleas and ticks or urine. Among them are rat-bite fever, bubonic plague, salmonellosis, and hantavirus. DON’T PLAY AROUND WITH RODENT INFESTATIONS!

If you or someone you love have been invaded by rodents, call the offices of Four Seasons Pest Solutions at 606-677-2437 and let us help plan your goodbyes…. to rodents!

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