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Raw and Unscripted Q & A with Our Exterminators II

In this second edition of “Raw and Unscripted Q & A with Our Exterminators”, we interviewed Kerry Cox. Kerry is a 40+ year veteran in the pest control industry and has managed a company full time. Also in his time as an exterminator, Kerry performed pest control services in at least three states.

Semi-retired, Kerry still works on a regular basis. Many people still call and ask specifically for Kerry. Of course, now he has helped trained new techs who are able to offer the same dedication and consistent results as he can.

In this video, you’ll get to meet Kerry and hear his unscripted answers to several questions. While the interviewer knew what questions he would be asking, Kerry did not! To make it even more interesting, the entire interview was shot in ONE TAKE (only the end was edited and that’s due to an error by the interviewer)! That’s why we call this segment “Raw and Unscripted Q&A with Our Exterminators”! It’s Raw… and it’s Unscripted! You get to hear the answers our technicians give on-the-fly, without rehearsal!

We hope you enjoy this episode of Raw and Unscripted Q & A with Our Exterminators II, and get to know not only Kerry, but our company as well. You’ll learn a little bit about who we are and what we’re about! If you see Kerry out there, say hello and ask him about our selection of wonderful services.

Raw and unscripted Q & A with Our Exterminators II is proud to present Kerry Cox. Kerry is a 40+ year veteran to the pest control industry.

Kerry Cox
Part-Time Exterminator Technician (Former Branch Manager)