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Raw and Unscripted Q & A with Our Exterminators

In this first edition of “Raw and Unscripted Q&A with Our Exterminators”, we interviewed Jonathan. Jon is from Eastern Kentucky, and services a large pest control route in that region. He covers a large territory which includes some familiar towns such as Middlesboro, Harlan, Corbin, Barbourville, Manchester, Williamsburg and more.  As a point of reference, you may be familiar with the University of the Cumberlands.  If you know much about the area, you’ve probably heard that name.

Jon is an easy-going, laid back guy with a big heart. He’s a hard worker with a determined spirit and tries hard to do what’s right even when doing what’s right seem tough. If you’re from around the Eastern Kentucky area, Jon just might be your exterminator technician. And, if he isn’t, he should be!

In this video, you’ll get to meet Jon and hear his unscripted answers to several questions. While the interviewer knew what questions he would be asking, Jon did not! To make it even more interesting, the entire interview was shot in ONE TAKE! That’s why we call this segment “Raw and Unscripted Q&A with Our Exterminators”! It’s Raw… and it’s Unscripted! You get to hear the answers our technicians give on-the-fly, without rehearsal!

We hope you enjoy the interview and get to know not only Jon, but our company as well. You’ll learn a little bit about who we are and what we’re about!

Jonathan Wilson, one of our Eastern Kentucky Technicians

Jonathan Wilson
Exterminator Technician in our Eastern, Kentucky Division